We are happy that we are now partnered with Soedesco to distribute the game globally on both Digital & Physical platforms for PC and PS4.

Blog Post 001 - May 31st, 2018

What is taking so long?!

Each version of the builds that was near our planned release date was not up to standard we were happy with. As a team we decided to go back to the drawing board essentially rebuilding the game three times.

Why so silent?!

We take full responsibility for this. We weren’t sure what the game wanted to be and we wanted to be sure before releasing details or footage of the final direction of the game.

What changed?

The core mechanics since we’ve been greenlit are still intact. We’ve retained the ability to see through the eyes your pursuer and our dynamic map generator. However the story has completely been scrapped for a Film Noir setting with a plethora of new mechanics and components to make Dollhouse a deeper experience.

What is the Multiplayer?

Whoever collects enough Memories will win. Players will have an assigned target that they can kill to steal theirs. Beware you are also being targeted and if you die or kill a wrong target you will lose all your memories. Stay tuned for more updates on this soon!

What should we expect?

The direction of the game is a more slower paced experience where players will need to manage their resources and cunningly use their abilities to outrun their pursuer.

Is it really coming out?

Yes! Stay tuned for our Final Official Release date.