Step into the horrifying world of Dollhouse as Marie, a detective trying escape a nightmarish world she created to hide her darkest secret. Can you help her uncover it and escape before it’s too late?


Travel into unique levels that are modelled from each chapter of her of her past. There will be a large cast of characters that Marie will encounter which can help her or destroy her depending on your choices in this non-linear narrative where you write your own story.


Experience an intense Free-For-All game of cat and mouse with 14 playable nominees with unique abilities. Collect Memories while hunting down your assigned target while someone else is hunting you. Don’t go off script or else…

Extensive Customization

Over 40 unlockable Abilities and Passives that you can customize your character with. Mix and match them to create various combinations for different effects.


Create Your Story

Collect Memories that you can use to piece your story together.

Dynamic Map Generation

Generates levels that randomizes everything so no playthrough will be the same. This system took years to perfect and is used in Singleplayer and Multiplayer modes.


A device that allows you to see through the eyes of your pursuer(s).